Content Development

We develop and customize content to suit your needs.  We offer the following content development services :

Interactive Content

Do you have a subject content and concept that is hard to deliver? Or do you need an online product instruction manual to educate your users to avoid to mis-operations? Then you have come to the right place.

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Wayfinding Content

Have a premise or a property that needs some from of way-finding to guide your visitors around? Need a platform to assit your reception during off-office hours? We can assist with our wayfinding solutions.

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Augmented Reality

A platform to bring life to what used to be static contents. Utilising triggers and sensory technologies like cameras, GPS and beacons, an Augmented Reality is becoming one of the new way of presenting information on demand.

Digital Signages Content

Looking for new contents to refresh your exisitng digital signages? Have a campaign for an up-coming celebration or event? We can develop both static and animated contents to suit your requirements.