Digital Signage comes in various shapes and sizes. There many different type of screen configurations  that can be commonly seen in many places. Some are single portrait or landscape orientation and some are a group of screen arranged and connected to form larger displays called video-walls.

Different type of screen hardware that we supply

We at Mobistudios provide a complete one-stop hardware and content solution as part of our Digital Signage product. Our friendly sales and technical team will be able to guide you through and provide the best recommendations to suit your needs.

We offer both local network based and internet Cloud based digital signage solutions.

Digital Signage Content

Looking for new contents to refresh your exisitng digital signages? Have a campaign for an up-coming celebration or event? We can develop both static and animated contents to suit your requirements.

Touch Screen Sensor Bezel

An interactive touch screen can be achieved by mean of introducing a touch sensor to the size of the screen display. This will convert the non-touch screen to become an interactive touch screen

Interactive Touch Screen

Our digital interactive screen solution packages utilises multi-touch screens. Depending on the use cases and requirements, we will recommend the most suitable touch screen device for the project.

There is a great difference between a Commercial display screen and a Consumer TV.

One comes in flavours from 8 to 24hrs operation, while the consumer TV is meant for a much lower operating period.