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Packaging Design | Branding

We are engineers. We are designers too. We understand the best of both worlds and putting them together is what we do best. Starting with creativity.

Creativity, Design and Technology is the core of our business.  Building upon the knowledge gathered both in the field of manufacturing engineering and product development, we are your partners to help turn your ideas into reality. We provide support to product development activities as summarised in the chart below.  

Key activities that takes place in parallel to product development activities ensures products get to be in the market on time once the actual product is ready.

You have come to the right place if: 

  • You have an existing product or a new product to be introduced in to the market. 
  • You want to design a packaging for a product that you import from overseas. 
  • You are producing your own products for your online store or business.

    Come speak to our team today if you require any services and support in any of the above activities.

    Branding & Marketing - One Stop Branding Services

    We work with customers like you who may:

    • Have an idea of a product and would like to create and launch it into the market.
    • Require customized solution to resolve an existing problem.
    • Want to make a new product to be sold online.
    • Have an existing design and requires further improvement and refinement.

    Packaging Design

    Attract. Talk. Protect.

    Packaging plays an important role in the final product delivery to the customer.  Here are some of the key points that highlights the importance of a proper packaging design:

    • Attract – Arouse interest to the product through visual appeal and communication. 
    • Talk – A packaging that communicates to potential end user the features and function of the product.
    • Protect – Provide good protection of product from the time it leaves the factory to the store or end user.

    User Experience - Instructional Design | User Guides

    Learn. Usage. Care.

    Educate the users of your product through intuitive design and also easy to follow user instructions. Developing user instruction in-house as the product is being developed ensures consistencies and accuracy of instructions.

    Whether it’s a new product or an existing product, our User Experience team can assist you with new development or revision of your product user instructions. A good user instruction can help to:

    • Proper use of product according to its design intent.
    • Lower the percentage of user induced defects or product damage due to mishandling.
    • Encourage the use of most if not all of the functions available offered by the product.