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Product Development & 3D Printing

We are here to work closely with you to achieve your design & technology needs. Let's work together in realising your product development goals through these 5 key steps - remember PRIME.

The following diagram summarises the workflow on how we work closely with you in the product development journey.  Following these steps ensures that both parties will have optimal communication to develop the best outcome. Our PRIME framework is based on the global standards of Design Thinking process.

1. Problem

This is the initial stage where our team will meet you, to understand your product requirements.  In this stage, we will gather as much information from you and  work together to define the problem statement for the problem that we will work on to solve with the product development. The design intent is also identified as we progress.

2. Research

Our design team will conduct the product research on the different approach and options to address the defined problem.  The time taken for the product research vary depend on the complexity of the problem. The area of research for the product vary form one product to another.  Some of the key areas of consideration includes:

  • Material type
  • Dimension of product
  • Weight
  • Color
  • Ergonomics and Anthropometry

3. Ideas

Several design ideas will be shared by our team during the  idea sharing session between the two parties. Ideas sharing session will be scheduled during this stage.  Mock-ups and conceptualisation samples will also be shared where applicable.

Your inputs during the Idea sharing sessions, play an important part of the final product outcome as all feedbacks and inputs are evaluated and considered. Your active participation is important in determining the final design idea.

A final design will be selected out of a shortlisted ideas list. Once the final design has been selected, we can proceed to the next stage.


4. Making

The making phase will involve the 3D printing team. Parts and samples will be manufactured in-house using materials that are supported by our 3D printing services. Mobistudios offers 3D printing services for the following:

  • Prototyping and proof of concept (POC) stage
  • Manufacturing of customised parts (small or progressive quantities production)
  •  Ad-hoc parts replacement 

    You will be able to witness the production of your product first hand in our 3D printing lab. 

    5. Evaluation

    The final stage of the product development step is the evaluation of the developed product.  This stage involves actual testing and evaluation of the prototypes. Our team will provide you the sample of the product to evaluate and test out the form, fit and function of the product. At this stage, depending on the intended use and function of the product, there may be further steps required in improving the design through design iterations. The iteration may involve iterations in steps (3),(4) and (5), depending on the requirements.

    Our team can support integration of produced part to other host systems. Do enquire about this service.  Iterations to the design is supported based on the product development packageh

    Upon completion of each product development cycle, the necessary design artwork, files and documentations will be provided by us to our customers. Our customers will be able to proceed to further production steps such as self production of 3D printed parts or explore options of mass-production of the final completed design. Our team will be ready to assist you on your manufacturing pathways recommendations.

    Our team will be able to assist you on the next stage if necessary. Do consult our team at Mobistudios and we will be able to assist you.

    From Team – Mobistudios (Australia)