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We are engineers. We are designers too. We understand the best of both worlds and putting them together is what we do best. Starting with creativity.

Creativity, Design and Technology is the core of our business.  Building upon the knowledge gathered both in the field of manufacturing engineering and product development, we are your partners to help turn your ideas into reality. We design and build new and customised solutions to your specifications. Solutions including both hardware and software elements.

Product Development

We work with customers like you who may:

  • Have an idea of a product and would like to create and launch it into the market.
  • Require customized solution to resolve an existing problem.
  • Want to make a new product to be sold online.
  • Have an existing design and requires further improvement and refinement.

Packaging Design | Branding

Attract. Talk. Protect.

As part of our branding services, we also offer packaging design services. The final presentation and design of your product packaging to attract buyers and to bring your product safely to your customers.

Photography | Imaging

Capture. Document. Educate.

A vital part of completing the flow of product development, is a good click of the shutter button capturing the final product for the next stages – instructional design, sales and marketing materials.

Instructional Design | User Guides

Learn. Usage. Care.

Getting your customers the best user experience right from the start. Educating your customers to fully utilize their investments.

Our customers would be those who may:

  • Have a new product to be introduced to the market.
  • Importer of products from overseas whose products are in other language
  • Need a better user manual or quick start guides for their products, equipment and services.