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Double Hook Hanger – Rack-It 400kg Compatible (2 Pack)


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Sanitizer Holder – Rack-It 400kg Compatible

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Set-up a sanitizer station quickly in your home, office, garage or warehouse on your 400kg Rack-it storage solution. Utilize all the unused hooking slots on your 400kg Rack-it racking unit.
Designed and made specifically to utilize the unused mounting holes of the 400kg Rack-it solution for your garage and warehouse. A hand sanitizer point handy at all times.

• Made from water resistance and durable PLA+ material
• 3D Printed and specifically designed to assist in storage productivity.
• Designed to hold bottles with base footprint of 45mm diameter or 45mm in depth.
• Rated to bottled dispensed products of up to 0.5kg.

(Note: Actual labels are not included in holder – labels are included for illustration of actual product usage only)

• Fits 400kg Rack-it mounting solutions for homes, garage, offices and warehouse.
• Velcro fastener supplied
• Two levels securing selection point for velcro.
• Mobistudios EasyLock – Easy to install and self locking – removal key provided.

• Ships to all location in Australia (Shipping rates applies)
• Ships to all other overseas location (Please enquire before purchase)

Additional information

Weight0.025 kg
Dimensions45 × 55 × 130 cm


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